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Each year our riding club puts well over 100 hours on our machines riding the inland waterways in Ontario, leading rides of exceptionally beautiful scenery.  SeadooTours.com is not a commercial site but rather for PWC enthusiasts dedicated to encouraging more people to ride and enjoy our Canadian  rivers and lakes in a whole new way.  Riders of all ages can join us as we explore Ontario’s waterways and have loads of fun along the way.  There is no limit as to where we can go…

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Hi Everyone,

***UPDATE OCT 2, 2016 5:30 pm *****
The ride will proceed as planned.  Mostly Cloudy/no rain/possible fog early in the morning/winds offshore 4-6mph  in the morning, 6-8mph late morning into early afternoon, then diminishing to 4-6 mph mid-afternoon.
September 30, 2016
This Monday, October 3rd, is looking pretty good for a ride up Georgian Bay.  Daytime temperatures should be around 20C with the morning temperature around 12.  It should be mostly sunny.  The winds are predicted to be 4-6 MPH offshore in the morning but diminishing for the rest of the day to 2-4 mph mostly offshore.
Meet Time 9:00 am
Ride time: 9:30 am
Launch Point: Bridgeview Marina in Waubaushene    55 Coldwater Rd, Waubaushene, ON
The goal is to ride to Parry Sound and back with lunch in Parry Sound.  We may hit the Moon River, and 12 mile Bay as well.
This may be our last ride of the year so make it count!  Bring your fuel stabilizer for the last leg home from Honey Harbour to Waubaushene.
Since the weather has been a bit unsettled lately, we will need to have a final confirmation Sunday night as to whether we are going or not so don’t leave before checking your email/FB page and/or the seadootours website Sunday night and Monday morning.  If the forecast changes at the last minute to rain or big wind, we will probably cancel or change the venue.
Andrew & Ron
Please Note:  None of our tours are planned out long in advance.  We will try our best to give as much notice as possible for any of our tours but all are subject to the weather conditions predicted that week.  For tours that have an overnight stay, we are even more careful about the weather as we would like it to be near perfect so we can really enjoy our two or 3 day rides.



Port Severn to Parry Sound

Port Severn to Parry Sound

CLICK HERE FOR INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP   After each spring thaw, the Waterway’s historic locks and canals open, linking a passageway so magnificent it has been named “one of the finest interconnected systems of navigation in the world”.  While most of this waterway is speed restricted, some parts are not.  That’s where we ride –Continue Reading

Point au Baril to Key Harbour

Point au Baril to Key Harbour

CLICK HERE FOR INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP Pointe au Baril was named after the barrel on the point that originally (1870s) marked the treacherous entry to the main channel from the open water of Georgian Bay. As the story goes, early fur traders from Penetanguishene lost a canoe near the point. Their canoe included a barrelContinue Reading

1000 Islands Tour – 90 Miles

1000 Islands Tour – 90 Miles

CLICK HERE FOR INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP The native peoples called this region the “Garden of the Great Spirit.” Today, many people still remark that this gorgeous garden of woods and waters is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The region extends from Kingston to Cornwall on the Canadian side and fromContinue Reading

Rideau Lakes Tour – 70 Miles

Rideau Lakes Tour – 70 Miles

The 70 mile tour encompasses Upper Rideau Lake, Big Rideau Lake and Lower Rideau Lake. This area is well known for its historical significance as it connects to the Rideau Canal which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only such site in all of Ontario. CLICK HERE FOR INTERACTIVE GOOGLE MAP The 70 mileContinue Reading


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